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Your time is valuable. You want to spend it working out all those amazing business ideas you have and watch them come to life without any run-around or hassle. But the truth is, as a business owner, things are rarely ever that easy. 

Watching your biz succeed takes time, patience, and a couple of rounds of trial and error first.  

That doesn't mean everything has to be a time suck, though.  

We bet you already know how valuable Instagram can be for your business. A simple yet adorable graphic can drive conversions and connections in minutes! Making them, and planning them out month-to-month though…not so simple, right?

We know how challenging it can feel to have to work your IG magic while still being the CEO of your business, but doing both doesn't have to be a struggle. 

With the right content planning tools and a few gorgeous Canva templates, you'll be on your way to a wow-worthy IG in no time!


Content Planning Templates

A good content plan helps you determine your content goals and set your priorities straight. Sure, there are tons of cute graphics out there, but cute graphics only get you so far. You have to make sure that each piece of content you publish serves a purpose in the greater, overall picture. 

A content plan can help you strategically plan out your Instagram content, so you build more connections with your people and get more eyes on your offers.  

Plus, you won't be stressed about trying to remember everything. A content planning template can help you stay organized, keep track of your content, help make sure timelines flow smoothly, and so. much. more. 

Professionally designed content planner templates in Canva allow you to customize them to fit your exact business needs — just drag and drop the elements you want (like logos, icons, text, and more!)


Batch Create Content With Instagram Canva Templates

We all want an Instagram feed that looks effortless but let's be honest, who has time to make that happen? You do, love! 

Instagram Canva templates give you everything you need to create amazing graphics in minutes. You'll find that getting an on-brand feed that's as polished and professional as your biz ideas isn't as hard as you thought.  

Instagram Canva templates aren't just for square posts either — creating graphics for everything from your Stories, to your Reels and IGTV covers, to your story highlights is made simple with templates in our shop!

Want to take it a step further? Batch create your content!

Batch creating is a technique where you make all of your captions and graphics in one sitting over a set period of time. It could be all afternoon, for one hour, or the entire day. You can knock out weeks worth of content at once, so you never have to think about it again!


Content Planning + Scheduling Tools

Batching isn't just for content creation either. You can batch schedule your Instagram content with a few simple tools.  

Just take all the content you've created during your batch period and schedule it, one after the other. Whether you want to get ahead and focus on your lead magnets or want to schedule week's worth of content so you can enjoy your beach vacay without having to worry about posting, batching is easily one of the best content planning techniques ever. 

You can schedule Instagram feed posts, stories, carousels, and Reels with the Facebook publishing tool (you'll need to connect your business Instagram account to a Facebook account to access the feature since it only works with business accounts.) is another great tool for scheduling. You can get free access for up to 10 posts per month per account (on this plan, you can only connect one social profile). You can also access other social media features like basic analytics and a Visual Instagram Planner.


Need Even More Ways to Streamline Your Content?

Spending hours looking for inspo and trying to recreate designs is out. Professionally designed Canva templates that are done for you are in.  

With the All-Access Pass from The Canva Template Shop, you'll get access to over 1,800 pre-designed templates PLUS new templates every single month. It's time to say goodbye to the headache and huge learning curve that comes with trying to do this alone.

As a VIP, you'll also get first dibs on new templates before they go live in our online shop, access to our Canva Concierge service for 1:1 support and feedback, and access to ALL retired collections and expert resources. 

 The All-Access Pass practically pays for itself. Give yourself a break without compromising your brand visuals.  

Learn more about the All-Access Pass here!


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