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"Alexa, Play Crazy in Love" 

Get those heart-eye emojis ready, babe, cause you've found your biz soulmate - and it's time to create a pro-looking YouTube channel that sets you apart from the rest.

You were born for the silver screen, babe! Or, at least, the laptop screen. With the right visual identity, you can create a YouTube channel that launches you to (internet) stardom. 
Let’s discover how to brand your channel so it has peeps sharing, subscribing, and reaching for the popcorn! 🍿

So… where should you start?

The best YouTubers don’t only share amazing content — they’ve also built a solid brand identity for themselves with visual consistency. The good news is, you don’t need a YouTube Manager or an on-call graphic designer to have a pro-looking channel!

Here are the three most important visuals to create for your channel if you want to have brand consistency, captivate your audience, and get your video content noticed:

  • A channel banner: You want your banner to be informative and have a strong call to action — which means they can be tricky to design. Templates make it so much easier, trust me.
  • Video thumbnails: These are SO important for that first-impression! Video thumbnails help your ideal client decide if your video is enticing enough to watch in the first place.
  • ‘Bonus’ mid-video graphics: These small graphics can be added using your video editing software to keep your viewers’ attention. They’re also great for CTAs that pointing viewers elsewhere, like to watch other videos, grab a free download, or check out your shop.

    Get your YouTube channel looking 100% profesh in minutes (not days).

    Here’s the deal, babe. You don’t have to outsource your graphics, become a designer overnight, or magically find more hours in your day to make all this happen. 

    Save yourself of time + stress and create graphics that will set your channel apart and improve your click-through rate with my Canva YouTube Channel Templates.

    With several video thumbnail and channel cover designs to choose from, these Canva templates will help you streamline your graphics creation process and give your channel and videos that cohesive, profesh look… even if design is soooo not your thing.

    And, to celebrate the fact that you’ve taken action + figured out which online platform should be your visual focus right now, I want to offer you 15% off! Just use the code BIZSOULMATE at checkout. 


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