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Download your Gift Guide Canva  Templates!

Whether you sell physical or digital products, online courses, or web-based services, our gift guide templates are going to help you create magazine-worthy, on-brand graphics and content for your blog and Pinterest, shop, and social media in just minutes (a $97 value).


With these gift  guide  templates, you'll be able to:

  • Promote your physical + digital products, so you can reach your stretchiest sales goals 
  • Share your fave affiliate products, so you can provide value for your tribe and make some extra cash 
  • Showcase your fave small + local businesses, so you can help them get that much-needed boost 
  • Design in WAY less time, so you can spend less time in Canva and more time getting your products in front of potential buyers

Included in your Canva template set:

Design eye-catching, scroll-stopping PDFs, blog content upgrades, Instagram feed posts, and Instagram stories in just minutes.

Blog, Pinterest, and PDF's

Make it easy for your audience to see your products and buy them with our magazine-style gift guide templates.

Square Templates

Design attention-grabbing, graphics + videos for your posts. Gift guide, sneak peaks, single products, carousels and more.

Stories Templates

Leverage your stories to get more eyes on your promotions, and save them to your highlights or repurpose them into reels.

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Hey there! I’m Kim.

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I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs make their digital platforms more efficient, simple, and beautifully branded.

Why? Because to grow a profitable brand you can’t spend your days on the content treadmill, packing more and more tasks into your schedule and neglecting your zone of genius.

I know firsthand the struggles entrepreneurs face trying to keep all the balls in the air while juggling the roles of business owner and creative mind. But I’ve also discovered that strategic, smart shortcuts can take your hectic business from feeling like a circus to smooth sailing. That’s why I launched The Canva Template Shop All-Access Pass.

Because even if you aren’t a design pro - creating graphics for your business doesn’t have to be intimidating, time-consuming, or overwhelming.

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