Show Your Appreciation For Clients & Customers With Holiday Thank You Gifts

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A little thank you goes a long way, especially during the busyness of the holiday season! 

No matter what type of business you run, whether you work with clients or customers, or you’re a brick-and-mortar business or an online one, it’s always a good time to show your appreciation.

Here are some of our favorite ways to spread holiday cheer while building a strong relationship with your audience! Keep reading to hear four of our favorite holiday thank-you gift ideas for clients and customers. 



Offer them a freebie

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Giving this small-but-thoughtful gift to your audience is a great way to say thank you! All you need to do is email it out to your list of previous customers or clients, and include a note of appreciation inside. 

And if you’re worried you don’t have the time to create something new to give during the business of the holiday season, we have good news love! You don’t have to. Yep! You can totally use low-ticket offers you already have, or you can pull and repurpose content from some of your bigger ticket items. 

If you have a course, this could mean pulling out a checklist from it. If you’re a social media manager, you could offer your content calendar template. There are so many brilliant ideas hiding inside of things you already have!

PSSST — if you need a little help piecing your freebie together, our Canva templates have you covered!


You could also offer a discount

An extra discount makes for a great gift, too, and is a wonderful way to introduce your high-ticket offers to your audience. It’s kind of like a sale, but it’s exclusive to those lovely customers who have previously worked with you. 

And you don’t have to offer a big discount like during Black Friday either. A 10% - 15% discount on your products, especially those digital ones, will work just fine! You can apply it to their total order, or offer it as an additional discount on a promotion you’re already running. 


Pay it forward with a special treat

You can also pay it forward by offering your audience coffee or some delicious baked goods from their local bakery.

But how do you do that if you aren’t seeing them in person? Easy! You can totally use Venmo to digitally send them funds, or you can mail them a gift card. 

Use your stories to make the announcement or through feed posts that you’ll be hosting a giveaway. Of course, you won’t be able to buy coffee for everyone, but you can still show love to 5 to 10 of your followers! 

Just have them comment and tag a friend, then use a random number generator to pick the winner, and choose the comment that corresponds to the winning number. You can announce the winner on your Stories or send them a private DM!


Send out thank you cards

This is our favorite way to show appreciation during the holiday season! They can be used for customers or clients alike for any business.

While sending digital notes of appreciation is great, getting a physical piece of happy mail is so much more exciting! And the personalized note that goes along with thank you cards? Icing on top of the cake!

If you’re worried your local Hallmark store won’t be stocked up with enough cards, or you’re looking for a more personalized approach that takes LESS time than going to the store, our Thank You Card Canva Template Bundle has you covered!

And from now until December 18, this bundle is totally free with code THANKYOU at checkout! 

 Our cards are professionally designed and can be customized within seconds! When you purchase this bundle, you’ll get:

  • 8 thank you card variations to show your appreciation in a fun on-brand way.
  • Immediate download, so you can plug in your content + design your thank you cards today.
  • A fully-customizable Canva template, so you can personalize your thank you cards with your brand elements.
  • A video walk-through, so you can easily understand what to do and how to personalize your templates (even if you’re a Canva newbie or have zero eye for design).

Once you purchase, simply download your templates into your Canva account, plug in your brand elements, and add your personalized note inside!

And because we want to thank YOU for being here… we’re giving you these templates for FREE — but only from not until December 18.

Let’s make this holiday season the best one yet! Show your love and support with beautiful thank you cards here. Enter code THANKYOU at checkout to add these templates to your collection.

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